YOUR BIRTHDAY Better than at home!


Two rooms available, 140 or 100 m², 1 dining & seating area

Your child will have the birthday of their choice and tailor-made ...


We provide you with Studio 1 or Studio 2 of the MAD

One of our rooms is yours for a basic package of 200 € TTC * under the following conditions:

  • Number of children: 15 (possibility to extend)

  • Duration: 2 hours (possibility to extend)

  • Schedule: 3 p.m. / 5 p.m. (possibility to change)

  • Set up: 1 hour before the schedule

  • Dismantling: 1 hour after the schedule

  • Cleaning: provided by our staff (for basic use)

  • 1 sound system with 2 speakers, Mix Yamaha, with 3.5 mm jack cords (Contact us for more equipment / option on estimate)

  • 1 fridge compartment for your food

  • 2 190x80 tables + 4 190 cm benches + 1 190x80 buffet table.

  • Fuschia or Red tablecloths

  • 1 cloakroom

  • * 1 receptionist and responsible for the studio also ensuring the cleaning at the end. (5 hours of time + 125 €)


NB: All children must take off their shoes in the rooms.

You can organize the entertainment and decoration of your choice after agreement from MAD EVENTS (By a legal representative and registered in Monaco or in France with up-to-date RC insurance, with equipment that meets standards for establishments open to the public).


The hours are flexible and extendable so that you can welcome your guests at home but without the inconveniences.

The BIRTHDAY can be enhanced with activities and decorations offered by MAD EVENTS.


Our decoration department will offer you tailor-made decoration and recurring themes desired by children:

GIRLS: Unicorns, Barbie, Flamingo, etc ...

BOYS: Pirates, Spiderman, Super Heroes, etc ...

Each theme is broken down into sections, the table, the buffet, the candy bar, the room, everything can be arranged and separated.


In MAD's areas of expertise, we can offer dance and singing workshops with our teachers.

We can also call on specialized service providers that we have selected for their quality. Consult us.


MAD Events does not provide food (except made-up sweets) and MAD is not equipped with cooking facilities, nor for heating. A caterer may be requested for these requests.

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This service includes:


Rental package 2 hours of occupancy, 15 CHILDREN

  • Room: 200 € (2 HP sound system included, Benches, Tables, tablecloths, fridge) (available 1 hour before and 1 hour after for cleaning and storage)

  • Reception staff (5 hours including cleaning): 125 €



An animation is compulsory to manage the children during the presence in the room under the responsibility of the parents. The animation can be proposed by the parents or chosen from our offers.


To know :

  • Over 15 children, 20 € TTC / additional child

  • Beyond 2 hours, Additional hour, 100 € TTC (Any hour started is due)

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